CRC condemns Syrian chemical attacks

CRC condemns Syrian chemical attacks

The Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh has issued a statement assailing the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
In it, the CRC condemned “the continuous attacks on unarmed civilians, the use of chemical weapons and the ongoing genocide in Syria.
“Syria must stop committing human rights abuses,” the statement continued. “The Assad regime has killed tens of thousands of people protesting his autocratic rule using unconventional chemical weapons and disproportionate force. The CRC denounces the use of chemical weapons, which is prohibited by the Geneva Protocol and the Chemical Weapons Convention.”
Noting that the United States has designated Syria a state sponsor of terror, the statement called for “full transparency” by the country, saying it should stop using and dismantle all nuclear, chemical and other unconventional weapons in its arsenal.
While not specifically endorsing military action against the Syrian regime, “we urge the U.S. government to address the deepening humanitarian crisis that is resulting from the outflow of refugees to Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt, as well as those individuals caught in the theater of war. The CRC offers support to humanitarian aid operations that treat Syrian refugees and victims of violence indiscriminately and without prejudice.
“The CRC also supports U.S. policy to assist civilians and innocent victims of the conflict, particularly women and children who are displaced and vulnerable to exploitation,” the statement concluded.
The CRC is the central umbrella community relations and public affairs body for Jewish Pittsburgh.