Chronicle debuts new blog: YINZ/YIDZ

Chronicle debuts new blog: YINZ/YIDZ

The Chronicle launched a new blog this week that aims to be a clearinghouse for information of importance, or just plain interest, to Jewish Pittsburgh.
The blog, called YINZ/YIDZ, collects daily doses of Jewish life in this region that we can’t fit into the newspaper. Things like video and audio, photo galleries and slide shows, longer versions of articles we had to edit down in print, interesting anecdotes and tidbits from readers, neighborhood coverage and anything else of interest to our community.
Over the past three months, the previous blogs at have grown in popularity, recently surpassing 10,000 hits. Those blogs, however, are limited in ability and appearance.
The new blog is more visually appealing and better able to handle multimedia like video, audio, photos and discussion groups.
YINZ/YIDZ also collapses our four existing blogs into one, making it quicker to scan all our online coverage. We will no longer be updating our old blogs: From the Top, The Cutting Room Floor, M’Chaye and Across the Bridges. All that content will now be at YINZ/YIDZ.
And as the name suggests, the blog is meant to be not only informative, but also fun. In addition to updates on important news, you’ll find recipes, good news coming out of the community, neat places to hang out, maybe even Jake Gyllenhaal citings. (OK, we’ll spare you that.)
Most of all, YINZ/YIDZ aims to be an online destination for Jewish thoughts and events in the city. So feel free to send in photographs, YouTube links, ideas about the city and the Jewish community anything else that’s interesting.
We hope you like YINZ/YIDZ. It’s a fresh new way to link Jewish Pittsburgh — all of Jewish Pittsburgh — together.