CDS students against hunger

CDS students against hunger

A group of second-graders and kindergarteners from Community Day School got together to learn about ways to help families around the world who are struggling with poverty.
In an effort to continue the work they started in first grade, the older students taught the kindergarteners about Heifer International, an organization that gives training and livestock to women in developing countries as they continue 60 years of work to help families obtain a sustainable source of food and income.
Ari Gilboa, a second-grader, came up with the project idea and got together over Passover with his friends. At his “No Food Feast,” family and friends donated effort and time. They also donated money they received for afikomen at their seders and the money they would have used for food at the party, choosing instead to only do activities.
The students viewed and discussed the film “12 Stones,” produced by Heifer International about their work in Nepal. Then each child created a drawing around the theme “ending hunger.” These drawings have been made into packs of 11 note cards with envelopes, available for $10 per pack. All money raised will be donated to Heifer to send animals to families.
Also during this event the students played games, learning about money and resource management and the importance of planning and budgeting. The children broke into pretend family units, with second-grade “grown ups” and kindergarten “kids” and were given a monthly income, making choices about how to use the money for necessities and luxuries. Later they separated into two villages for a fishing game that encouraged their thoughts on the advantages of receiving training instead of or in addition to receiving food donations.
Contact Lindsay Levine at Community Day School to purchase note cards.