Bazooka Jew goes political

Bazooka Jew goes political

OK,whenever you register at a convention, you’re handed a goodie bag filled with schedules, agendas, visitor guides to the host city, commemorative pens and goodies such as candy, soft drinks and bubble gum. Right?

Rarely are these chachkies controversial, but the organizers of the 2011 URJ Biennial have decided to part with that safe tradition.

As convention goers dug into their goodie bags on day one of the biennial, they found a familiar treat — a stick of Bazooka Jew bubble gum. Only it was attached to a comic strip sponsored by the Israel Religious Action Center (an arm of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism), criticizing haredi Jews for segregating women in public.

The strip shows women in Jerusalem singing in public while haredi Jews picket with signs that read “Woman voice = abomination” and “Women singing is a sin.”

Bazooka Jew’s response to the scene? As he’s about to pop a stick of gum in his mouth, he says, “Don’t like it?? Stick it in your mouth!!!

Looks like it won’t be a quiet biennial.

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