Answers about the new Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle
What to expectCEO and Publisher Jim Busis talks about new Chronicle

Answers about the new Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle

Find your answers here, with Chronicle’s FAQs for readers

Jim Busis, CEO and Publisher
Jim Busis, CEO and Publisher

1. What’s new with the Chronicle?

While we’ve been making lots of changes at the Chronicle over the past few years, most of them have been behind the scenes. Now we’re making public all that we’ve been working on:

• The first thing you’ll notice is that we have a new name. We’ve kept the “Jewish Chronicle,” which resonates with people, but we’ve added “Pittsburgh” to our name to emphasize our core commitment to our local Jewish community.

• The newspaper has a new design — fresher, and easier to read and use. Some features that we think readers will especially appreciate are our new Calendar section and an expanded Community section.

• The Chronicle will now be available for free in print and on the Web to all members of the greater Pittsburgh Jewish community, thanks to the generosity of our community and the support of our advertisers. Our mission is to reach as many members of the Pittsburgh Jewish community as possible, and we recognize that in today’s world that’s only possible by removing the barrier of requiring a paid subscription. We hope that you and everyone you know in the Pittsburgh Jewish community will continue to read the Chronicle weekly in print and daily on the Internet.

• Finally, our completely new website will go live soon. It will work well on mobile devices and better integrate with social media. Through the new website we also are starting a partnership with the Times of Israel and other leading local Jewish newspapers. Look for it soon.

2. What hasn’t changed at the Chronicle?
Our focus on providing you with award-winning news and views of the local Jewish community remains the same, along with bringing you the best of Jewish news from around the country and around the world. We’re still an independent, local nonprofit, even while working with partners in other cities and in Israel. As a nonprofit we hope that you will see the value in what we’re doing and will support us generously.

3. I’m not a subscriber — why did I receive this issue?
We want every current member of the greater Pittsburgh Jewish community to receive the Chronicle in print every week without an obligation to pay. We are attempting to reach every Jewish household we can, including lapsed Chronicle subscribers and participants in many Jewish organizations in Pittsburgh.

4. I’m not a subscriber — how can I keep receiving the new Chronicle?
That’s easy. Just do one of these three things: (a) Send back the form requesting to continue to receive the Chronicle that’s printed in the paper each week (this week it can be found on page 43) or a card that you will receive in the fall; or (b) Call our subscription line at 410-902-2308; or (c) After our new website goes live, fill out the online form.

5. I am already a subscriber — what about my existing subscription?
We thank you for all your past support! You will continue to receive the newspaper through the end of your subscription.

6. I am already a subscriber — what happens when my existing subscription ends?
Members of the greater Pittsburgh Jewish community will be given the opportunity to request to continue to receive the paper without any required payment. If you aren’t a member of the greater Pittsburgh Jewish community you will be able to renew your subscription as in the past.

7. Who is entitled to receive the Chronicle for free?
Anyone who is a member of the greater Pittsburgh Jewish community; we leave it up to you to decide if you’re part of it. That’s those who live in greater Pittsburgh, including “snowbirds” who live part of the year outside of the Steel City, but not people who used to live here and have permanently moved away. “Greater Pittsburgh” includes the city of Pittsburgh itself, all of Allegheny County and the five surrounding counties. Please tell your friends who are eligible to receive the Chronicle but didn’t receive one to sign up to receive it for free.

8. What about people who live outside of the Pittsburgh area or people who aren’t Jewish?
They are welcome to continue a paid subscription as in the past, or to start a new paid subscription.

9. Where should I get my subscription — at home or at work?
That’s up to you. However, we wish to send only one copy of the newspaper to each household. So if you live in a household with anyone else we encourage you to receive the newspaper at your home so that the other members of your household can easily read it as well. Write or call to change your address.

10. Should I read the Chronicle in print, on the Web, or both?
Both, we hope! There are advantages to and benefits from each type of experience. The printed newspaper provides a curated, concise compilation of essential Jewish news each week. It’s also perfect for reading on Shabbat. The website provides the most up-to-date Jewish news on your computer or your mobile device. Because we are dependent on advertising revenue, having the whole community receive the printed newspaper each week is vital to our continued viability. We hope that you will support our advertisers whenever possible. PJC

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